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Oeuvres et Réalisations des Personnes Handicapées d'Expression Européenne
(European Disabled's works and creations)


O.R.P.H.É.E is a French Law 1901 association, registered in the Yvelines' department since January 2005. Its headquarters are located in Versailles.

O.R.P.H.É.E's aim is to promote the Disabled's access to artistic works such as theatre, dance, music, plastic arts and writing.

Its activities will help :
  • To promote artistic works and creation in various areas such as : theatre, dance, music, plastic arts, publications of art books made by and/or about disabled persons.
  • To organise artistic events, amongst which the European festival "Theatre and Handicap".

History: The European festival "Theatre and Handicap », so called «ORPHEE», was created in 2003 upon the meeting of two persons :

  • Michel Reynaud, Managing Director of the Help Center supported by the Theatre Eurydice, and
  • Jean-Daniel Laval, Managing Director of the Montansier Theatre, who had programmed two shows from the Help Center in 2001 and 2002.

Further the last Theatre Eurydice creation, the latter has given one week in September 2003 in his Theatre for a European festival enabling the Disabled to show their work to the public to take place.

In order to make such a festival a success, additional sponsors had to be found. Amongst these, the major actors were the ADAPEI (Yvelines - France) and the "Sauvegarde des Yvelines"' associations.

Also the commitment of the Crédit Coopératif Foundation have constituted a fantastic help for building up the first festival.

Other organisations, governmental entities have been of incredible support : The French Comity for Europe which gave us the « Disabled persons European year » label, the Regional Counsil, the DRAC of Ile de France, the General Counsil and the city of Versaillesle. Great thanks to all of them. Together with Rachel Boulenger-Dumas, and amongst all the existing European companies, we have chosen to put forward the ones which works are caracterised by their originality. Such works are perfomed by professionals, some of them being disabled but first of all being artists.

This first session was a success and lead to several very successful sessions from 2004 until 2012. Today, ORPHEE is pleased to present the tenth's session of such a festival.

Since its creation, ORPHÉE has invited more than 40 International companies lead by disabled artists and coming from various countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom, Scotland, Portugal, Russia, Croatia, Netherlands, Brasil, USA, Senegal, Denmark, Italy, the Congo, etc ...